Ultimate pull up bar for wall and ceiling


* Maximum number of bars
* A total of 17 types of grip
* Trapezoidal position of the front bars, which helps your body to be the center of gravity.
* The rear bars are brought down so that the maximum number of exercises can be performed without any problems.
* Possibility to attach a punching bag in the middle of the frame.
* Stable and strong metal construction of profiles 50x40x2 on the frame and the stands to the wall or ceiling
* Welded bushings in the lever bolt stands
* Grips Ф25х2 rolled against slipping and sweating.
* Laser cut plates with a thickness of 4 mm
* 8 points for wall or ceiling mounting for dowels M10
* Powder polymer coating
* The device gives an optimal option for training the back and biceps
* Designed for professional use
* Load-unlimited weight of the trainee
* Full lifetime warranty on metal parts for indoor use


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Ultimate pull up bar for wall and ceiling