Olympic Trap bar


15 кг


225 см


68 см

Разстояние между ръкохватките

75 см

Максимален капацитет

Тестван на 400 кг

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MJ Sport presents Trap bar or literally translated as a trap lever, also known as a hexagonal lever is a multifunctional device combining exercises for squats, deadlifts, trapezoidal lifting and more.
Equipped with additional higher handles the main role of which is to reduce the load on the waist during these exercises. In this way, a greater number of repetitions in the series is achieved.
Made of high quality steel profiles with powder polymer, wear-resistant coating;

Product specification:

* Color-matte black or dark gray;
* Profile material: Steel;
* Main profile – 40x40x2 mm;
* Diameter of the pipes for disks – Ф50х2,5 mm; (option Ф30 mm)
* Diameter of the handles Ф30х2 mm
* Size: Length – 225 cm; Width – 68 cm;
* Distance between the handles – 75 cm;
* Maximum capacity – Tested at 400 kg;
* Weight – 15 kg.
* Suitable for gyms and crossfit centers.

Possible exercises:

* squat;
* conventional traction;
* thrust out of range (from deficit)
* farm walk;
* trapezoidal lifting;
* military press;

* rowing for the back shoulder from a seat;


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